‘Daredevil: Born Again’ Finds Its Female Leads


Margarita Levieva (‘The Deuce’) and Sandrine Holt (‘American Gigolo’) have joined the cast of Marvel Studios’ ‘Daredevil: Born Again’. They will star alongside Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio who are reprising their roles from the Netflix ‘Daredevil’ series.

The new show is being written and executive produced by Matt Corman and Chris Ord. ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ will focus on Cox’s title character Daredevil, otherwise known by the name Matt Murdock, an attorney by day and crimefighter by night. D’Onofrio plays mob boss Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, Daredevil’s chief antagonist.

There is no information on who Levieva and Holt are playing but it is rumoured that they could be rival love interests for Murdock.

The 18 episode series is about to enter production and is expected some time in 2024.

Source: Deadline

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