Donald Glover To Play Hypno-Hustler In Spider-Man Spin-off


Sony appear to be pulling Spider-Man villain names out of a hat now and are developing a Hypno-Hustler film as a vehicle for Donald Glover.

Glover is attached to star and produce with the film being written by Myles Murphy, son of Eddie. Hypno-Hustler is an obscure music based villain who first appeared in ‘Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man‘ No. 24 in 1978. Created by Bill Mantlo and Frank Springer, the character’s real name is Antoine Delsoin, the leader of a band called the Mercy Killers and used hypnosis technology in his instruments on his audience in order to rob them.

No details about the content of the film have been revealed.

The film will be part of Sony’s SPUMC which is separate from Marvel Studios’ MCU. Glover has already appeared in the MCU as Aaron Davis, uncle of Miles Morales.

This is the latest Sony Spider-Man adjacent film to be announced. The have already released two poorly received ‘Venom’ films and the much derided ‘Morbius’. ‘Kraven the Hunter’ is set for a 6th October, 2023 release and ‘Madame Web’ is currently shooting. ‘Venom 3’, ‘Spider-Woman’ and ‘El Muerto’ are also at various stages of pre-production.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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