New ‘Alien’ Film Gets A Production Start Date And Possible Title


Fede Alvarez’s take on the ‘Alien’ franchise is moving closer to reality with the production being listed on a industry website.  The Film & Television Industry Alliance list the film as being in pre-production with a shooting start date of 6th February in Budapest, Hungary.

The film is advertised with the title of ‘Alien: Romulus’. If this follows the Alien film naming protocol then Romulus could be the name of the ship that the film is set on.

Little is known about the film apart from that it will be written and directed by Alvarez based on a pitch he made to Ridley Scott. Scott, the franchise’s main creative driving force, is back on board as producer.

At the moment the only cast member announced is Cailee Spaeny and the plan is to release the film directly onto Hulu just like the most recent Predator film, ‘Prey’.

This project is separate from Noah Hawley’s ‘Alien’ series that has been created for FX.


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