Giacchino To Remake ‘Them!’


Oscar winning composer Michael Giacchino, fresh of his success with Marvel Studios’ ‘Werewolf By Night, is set to make his big screen directing debut with a reimagining of giant spider horror, ‘Them’, for Warner Brothers.

The original 1954 film, directed by Gordon Douglas, featured irradiated ants from New Mexico who set up home in the sewers of Los Angeles and create havoc.

There’s always a movie in your mind that never leaves your head. For me, that’s Them! It wasn’t until much later in life until I learned what it was about — the nuclear age. What I love about Them! is exactly what it’s called: Them! It’s about the other, the unknown which one refuses or can’t understand. The current version of Them! is about immigration, and to tell a story about the subject through a lens of this insane science fiction monster movie.

Michael Giacchino/Deadline

Giacchino is the current go-to composer in Hollywood, having written scores for virtually all the major franchises, but he has always had the desire to direct as shown in the Disney+ documentary ‘Director By Night’.

Michael Giacchino is a unique talent. We’re excited to be working with him and have him at the studio.

Warner Bros Pictures President of Production and Development Jesse Ehrman/Deadline

Giacchino is currently meeting with writers with plans to get the production moving as soon as possible.

Source: Deadline

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