‘Django’ – Official Trailer


Sky has released the trailer for ‘Django’.

Loosely based on the cult movie by Sergio Corbucci, Django tells the story of a man seeking revenge who ends up fighting for something greater. 

Texas, Late 1800: Django arrives in a barren town at the bottom of a crater: New Babylon. Django is looking for the men who murdered his family, but he finds out that his daughter Sarah survived and is there. Sarah is twenty now, she’s about to marry John Ellis, the founder of New Babylon, and more importantly, she doesn’t want Django to be there.

Django does not surrender, and he’ll do whatever it takes for a second chance with his daughter. However, Django, Sarah, and John are wrapped in a web of dark secrets destined to resurface.

Starring Matthias Schoenaerts and Noomi Rapace, ‘Django’ begins on 17th February.

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