Spider-Man Noir Live-Action Series Coming From Amazon


Sony are producing a live-action Spider-Man Noir series for Amazon Prime Video.

Spider-Man Noir is an alternate reality version of the character who is a P.I. in New York during the Great Depression. Marvel’s Noir universe is inspired by the classic Film Noirs of the 30s and 40s. The character has appear twice in animated form, voiced by Milo Ventimiglia in ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ and Nicolas Cage in ‘Into the Spider-Verse’.

The show will be written and executive produced by Oren Uziel who developed the show alongside ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller and former Sony boss Amy Pascal, who all executive produce.

Uziel’s writing credits include ‘The Lost City’, ’22 Jump Street’, ‘Mortal Kombat’, and ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’.

This is the second Amazon Spider-Man project to be developed with the first being ‘Silk: Spider Society’.

Source: Variety

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