‘Ship’, The Sequel To ‘Plane’, Coming Soon


Mike Colter, who co-starred with Gerard Butler in Lionsgate’s ‘Plane’, is set to lead a sequel that will simply be titled ‘Ship’.

Having saved passengers from pirates in the original film, ‘Ship’ will see Colter’s accused murderer and former French Legionnaire Louis Gaspare hop aboard a cargo ship in East Asia to escape the Philippines, only to discover the vessel is being used as a ferry for a human trafficking ring. That has Gaspare joining with the second mate/navigator to take down the ship’s corrupt captain, keep its innocent passengers safe and liberate its captives.

No writers or directors have been announced but the film will go on sale at the European Film Market with a plan to shoot later this year.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


  1. Where is Gerard Butler and why hasn’t he surfaced in very current events. Since there are sequels to Plane will Gerard Butler be doing these right away.
    According to some people he’s out of the country and can’t be reached for few months now


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