‘Hellboy’ Is Being Rebooted Again


Millennium Media is reportedly having a third attempt at making Mike Mignola’s ‘Hellboy’ a box office hit. According to Discussing Film the script has already been written and Brian Taylor, co-director of ‘Crank’ and ‘Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance’, is attached to directed.

The new film will be sperate from the two Guillermo del Toro films and the 2019 Neil Marshall effort. While Marshall’s film, which starred David Harbour, was a critical and financial flop, del Toro’s films were critical successes but failed to struggled to turn a profit.

The new film has a working title of ‘Hellboy: The Crooked Man’ suggesting that it will be based on Mignola’s story of the same name. If that is the case it would make the film a period piece, set in 1956, with the action taking place in the  Appalachian mountains.

The film is planned to being production in April at Millennium’s studio in Bulgaria but currently isn’t cast and does not have a distributor attached.

Source: Discussing Film

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