Clancy Brown Joins ‘The Penguin’ Cast


The Kurgan himself, Clancy Brown, has joined ‘The Batman’ spin-off series ‘The Penguin’ in a recurring role.

Brown will be playing Gotham mob boss Salvatore Maroni. The character was referenced repeatedly in ‘The Batman’, as his arrest by corrupt Gotham officials and the collapse of his criminal empire allowed for Carmine Falcone’s organization to rise. Maroni first appeared in the ‘Batman’ comics in 1942 and has been seen in live-action in ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Gotham’.

Colin Farrell is reprising the role of The Penguin from ‘The Batman’ and the cast also includes Cristin Milioti, Rhenzy Feliz, Michael Kelly, Shohreh Aghdashloo, and Deirdre O’Connell.

‘The Penguin’ will be an eight episode HBO Max series and will continue the story of the film. Robert Pattinson is rumoured to be reprising the role of Batman but nothing has been confirmed.

Source: Variety

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