Synder Proves He Doesn’t Understand The Batman Character

Over the weekend Zack Snyder hosted a charity event where he screen Director’s Cuts of three of his films and took part in Q & As. He screened his divisive Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and was challenged about his decision to make Batman a murderer. He responded with the following –

“Oh like, ‘Batman killed a guy’. I’m like, ‘Really? Wake the fuck up. So I guess that’s what I’m saying about, once you’ve lost your virginity to this fucking movie and then you come and say to me something like, ‘My superhero wouldn’t do that’, I’m like, ‘Are you serious?’ I’m like down the fucking road on that. You know what I mean?”

“It’s a cool point.Look, I’m 100% fine with it. It’s a cool point of view to be like, ‘My heroes are still innocent. My heroes didn’t lie to America. My heroes didn’t embezzle money. My heroes didn’t commit any atrocities.’ I’m like, ‘That’s cool but you’re living in a fucking dreamworld.’”

Zack Snyder

This proves his complete misunderstanding of the Batman character.

Bruce Wayne/Batman’s whole life was shaped by the death of his parents. He is a vigilante warring against crime but his mission is that no one else will suffer the way he did. He will not kill because if he were to take a life he could be putting someone else through the pain that he has suffered.

Snyder isn’t alone in having Batman kill on screen, every other director has also done it, but he is the most vocal about it. He is also disrespectful in thinking that only his opinion matters and dismisses the way the character has been portrayed in the comics for decades.

With comments like this it is easy to see why he has been removed from the DC movies but you have to wonder how he got the job in the first place.

Did you like how Snyder handled his DC films or are you glad he is no longer involved? Comment below.

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