Incredibles 2

The first Incredibles movie is most likely my favourite Pixar.
Featuring scenes of relationship tension and mid-life crisis, it’s far more uncomfortably relatable than any kids film has any right to be and plus it’s still the greatest Fantastic Four movie ever made.
Well finally (14 years!?!) the animation giant has stuck a cork in their Cars production line and given us a sequel that feels far more necessary than every Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo follow up put together. In fact only the practically flawless Toy Story 3 can boast being a superior movie and even then, it’s not by much.

Literally picking up where the original ended, with subterranean bank robber The Underminer emerging from beneath a car park, the film dives right into it’s high concept, superheroing shenanigans. However, the sheer amount of collateral damage involved puts an even greater strain on the superhero ban that blankets the city. Denied any further government backup the super human Parr family have two weeks left to find new jobs and a new house before they have to leave the model they were placed in.
Salvation is at hand when an entrepreneurial brother and sister team take in and house the family in order to strengthen their pro-superhuman agenda but with one condition: Helen Parr (aka Elastigirl) and not her husband Bob, is the face of this new boost.
Bob, still clinging to his glory days as Mr. Incredible, reluctantly agrees to being a stay at home dad while his wife roams the city on her tricked out new motorcycle looking for crime.
It’s here the couple face their greatest individual foes yet. For Elastigirl it’s The Screenslaver, a gimp suited, domestic terrorist with a penchant for mind control. For stay at home dad Mr. Incredible, it’s daughter Violet’s dating life, son Dash’s math homework and the fact that baby, Jack Jack, is rapidly manifesting his powers as a rampaging polymorph (transformation, teleportation, laser eyes and generally other such behaviour that would give your average babysitter a nervous breakdown) which essentially renders him a nappy filling, burbling demigod. A WMD in poopy diapers, if you will.
Much like the first movie, this is a film that blends sophisticated domestic comedy/drama with high concept superhero action set pieces to winning effect. For every scene involving the family struggling with their living situation, you have Elastigirl speeding her cycle through traffic using her morphing body to avoid certain disaster. And while it’s great to see the women pushed to the action forefront, it’s Jack Jack and his seemingly endless array of freakish abilities that score highest her. His visit to returning diminutive fashion designer, Edna Mode and his take no prisoners, knockdown, drag out brawl with an invading raccoon are timeless.

Top tier entertainment, and positively drenched in Michael Giacchino’s irresistible Bondian score, Incredibles 2 is a credit to it’s awesome original and without a doubt in Pixar’s top two sequels ever made. It also thankfully avoids that annoying pitfall of many an animated follow up by repeating all of the good jokes instead of coming up with new ones. I guess a gap of 14 years paid off after all. I thank director Brad Bird for the original and I thank him for this.

Yes sir, a superhero sequel above Parr…

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