Top 5 Actors That Could Play Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Adrimal Thrawn is a name that may be new to many Star Wars fans. He was created by Timothy Zahn and first appeared in the 1991 novel ‘Heir To The Empire‘. He was the first major Star Wars character to be introduced after the end of the original trilogy and immediately became a fan favourite villain with demands to see him in a film. A member of the blue skinned Chiss race, he was an Imperial military commander who had taken control of the Empire’s military after the battle of Endor. He used intelligence and knowledge to fully understand an opponent so he could defeat them. Thrawn was removed from Star Wars canon when Disney purchased Lucasfilm but was then reintroduced in the third season of ‘Star Wars Rebels’ in 2016 in the time period before the original trilogy. The character was now been name dropped in the thirteenth chapter of ‘The Mandalorian’ setting up a possible live-action appearance. Here we look at five actors who could play him onscreen.

5. Matt Smith

Matt Smith has flirted with Star Wars before having long been rumoured to appear in ‘The Rise Of Skywalker’ only not to be in the final cut of the film. He has a history of playing a intelligent alien in ‘Doctor Who’ and can play otherworldly effectively.

4. Keanu Reeves

This would be stunt casting and draw extra eyes the show. Reeves has the right look and could bring a physicality to the role, the character is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, but his onscreen persona may not be the correct fix.

3. Doug Jones

Jones is best known for his work under heavy makeup. He works regularly with Guillermo del Toro and is best known as the monster in ‘The Shape Of Water’. Currently he is starring as Saru in ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. Physically he would be spot on for the role.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch

Cumberbatch has been the popular choice for a number of years. Thrawn is often seen as the Sherlock Holmes of the Star Wars universe so why not cast the modern day Sherlock? All you would need to do is paint him blue.

1. Lars Mikkelsen

Lars, brother of Mads, has already voiced the character perfectly in ‘Star Wars Rebels’. He is a prolific actor who can currently be seen as Stregobor in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’. Already having a strong understanding of the character there is, like Katee Sackhoff as Bo-Katan, no reason not move him over to live-action.

Who would you like to see as Thrawn? Comment below.

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