Top 5 Ways That Han Is Back In ‘Fast & Furious 9’

Han from the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise probably has the most convoluted arc in fiction since the Greek gods.  The character, played by Sung Kang, originally appeared in Justin Lin’s ‘Better Luck Tomorrow’ before showing up as a mentor in ‘The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift’ where he was seemingly killed in a flaming car wreck.  He was then featured in parts 4, 5, and 6 of the franchise, which were all apparently set before 3, until he met his demise again.  This time it is revealed that he was killed by Deckard Shaw who went on to become a villain in Part 7, a hero in Part 8, and get his own spin-off. Now Han is set to appear in the delayed Part 9 which is due out in May.  Here are our Top 5 ways the character returns.

5. An imposter with plastic surgery to look like Han

The film could use the spy film trope of plastic surgery (the Bond films have done this multiple times).  Another character could steal his face to infiltrate Dom’s team and cause problems from the inside. This is possible but would only be effective if we also know the character who is pretending to be Han.

4. An imposter in a Han mask

They could go the ‘Mission: Impossible’ route and have someone wearing a Han mask.  Like with the plastic surgery idea it would only be effective if we know the character under the mask.  Audience would probably cry foul as this is literally stealing another franchise’s gimmick.

3. An evil twin

There is a longstanding tradition of evil twins being introduced in genre fiction when a property has run out of ideas. Introducing a pervious unmentioned twin brother would be lazy writing and hopefully not the path chosen.

2. Deckard Shaw faked Han’s death

This one is nice and simple. The best way to redeem Shaw would be to make it so he didn’t kill Han in the first place.  The film makers have already tinkered with Han’s death once so why not just change it again but this could be too close to how they brought Letty back from the dead for the fans liking.

1. He’s a cyborg

Using cybernetic implants to keep someone alive has already been introduced into the franchise in ‘Hobbs & Shaw’. Brixton Lore was brought back to life by the terrorist organisation  Eteon.  In that film it is made clear that Eteon were trying to recruit Shaw.  If they were following Shaw they could have recovered Han’s body and turned him into a cyborg.  As far fetched as this sounds it has already been set up by this increasingly absurd franchise.

How do you think Han will return?  Let us know below.

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