Critical Role announces new series ‘Exandria Unlimited’

Well as Campaign Two wrapped up, and with Three yet to have a release date the Critter Community waited for news of more content from the cast and crew of Critical Role. Well wait no more, at today’s ‘State of The Role’ address it was announced that a new mini series set in on the continent of Tal Dorei called ‘Exandria Unlimited’ is coming.

Coming to our screens June 24th, the Critical Role team have been hard at work creating a brand new show for us fans to enjoy. With Matthew Mercer stepping into a player role, the GM reins are being handed to Aabria Iyengar. Fans may recognise her from her roles on Dimension 20’s Pirates of Leviathan or Into The Motherlands.

Whilst fans can speculate as to who the actors may be playing in this future series, the roles are yet to be revealed. With both Liam O’Brien & Ashley Johnson at the table could we possibly see the return of Vax’ildan or Pike from the beloved Campaign One. Joining them and Matthew Mercer as players are two new additions to the Critical Role Family in Aimee Carrero and Robbie Daymond. Aimee Carrero (She-Ra, Elena of Avalor) was set to appear as a guest in Campaign Two but sadly plans were put aside due to the pandemic, however it seems that despite that bad luck it has worked out well as she now will be a hero in this tale! Joining also is voice actor Robbie Daymond (Spider-Man Animated Series, A Silent Voice) who Matthew Mercer has been trying to get to the table for some time.

Also announced was an awesome new Timeline image for fans to keep track of where the shows, books, comics etc all fit into the Critical Role saga. What is most interesting is how the new series takes place nearly ten years after the end of The Mighty Nein story. Could we be seeing Yasha or Caleb again?

Fans can look forward to catching the new adventure on Twitch and Youtube from June 24th with Podcast soon to follow

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