What To Stream Now That Critical Role Campaign Two Has Made Its Final Roll Of The Dice

The last roll of the campaign has happened. The final enemy vanquished and our heroes have earned a rest. Critical Role‘s Campaign Two has finally reached its finale. The beloved band of misfits The Mighty Nein has been a tale of love, loss and chaos. One that solidified the reenergizing of Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop gaming for an entirely new generation of players. So without our weekly Thursday fix of Jester, Beau, Caleb & co where do we go from here?

Now you may be a seasoned fan of all things tabletop and theatre of the mind, or you have your first taste of adventure from the crew at Critical Role. What follows is a list of possible new adventurers to meet, new tales to be a part of and hopefully something that will help to bridge the gap between The Mighty Nein ending and Campaign Three beginning. So let’s roll for Intiative and see who’s up first –


The HighRollers are a group of UK-based D&D Streamers, partnered with the YouTube gaming network The Yogscast. Mark Hulmes, voice-over and YouTube creator, is the Dungeon Master and will be dragging his group of plucky and often-ridiculous adventurers into their highest level adventure yet!

With Critical Role’s Campaign Two finishing at 141 episodes, it’s fair to say that to begin with we need something that has a pretty good amount of adventuring to help us get through the long rest recovery. What better place to start than HighRoller’s Campaign 2 set in the fictional world of Aerois, with the crew of The Stormchaser. Currently at Episode 113 there is more than enough to sink your teeth into with a fun world filled with lore and incredible NPC’s. Not only do they have their first campaign for you to try but they’re regularly playing other TTRPG’S on their channel as well from The Curse of Strahd campaign to one based on the hit Netflix animated series The Dragon Prince.

D&D every Sunday 5pm UK live on Twitch, with VOD on Youtube and Podcast released throughout the week.

Dimension 20 – Fantasy High

Dimension 20 is a series from CollegeHumor and DROPOUT.tv, created and DM’d by Brennan Lee Mulligan. It includes Fantasy High, Escape from the Bloodkeep,Tiny Heist, A Crown of Candy, Pirates of Leviathan and, of course, The Unsleeping City!

But the one we’re going to focus on is Fantasy High for now, Dimension 20’s first campaign and arguably their most beloved. With DM Brennan Lee Mulligan and his cast of adventurers they answer the age old question ‘What if Director John Hughes made D&D?’ Our players take on the roles of high school kids on their first day at the Aguefort Adventuring Academy, and just like everybody’s first day its not exactly plain sailing. Marrying comedy with awesome sets Dimension 20 is a Dungeons & Dragons stream that is incredibly easy to watch and fall in love with.

Catch Dimension 20 on Dropout TV, Youtube & Podcast


The Oxventure came together from Outsidexbox and Outside Xtra as part of the celebration for Outside Xbox reaching two million subscribers, the channels banded together to play a D&D campaign, as frequently requested by subscribers, with Eurogamer/Dicebreaker contributor Johnny Chiodini acting as the Dungeon Master.

Set in the continent of G’eth we join our misfit band of adventurers as they travel across the land seeking atonement, seeking gold, seeking animals or seeking ways to derail their Dungeon Master. The Oxventurers Guild is a series that has recently began their second season the curiously titled ‘Orbpocalypse Saga’ so there really hasn’t been a better time to jump aboard their ship The Joyful Damnation and come along on an Oxventure. Check out the video below for a catch up of the previous season to get up to date and dive straight in to the new season.

You can catch new episodes on Youtube and check out the Oxventure Podcast

Queens of Adventure

How do you improve any concept? Add Drag Artists. Queens of Adventure is a Dungeons & Dragons story starring Drag Artists from Seattle and guests from the local drag & burlesque community. Based on Seattle’s hit comedy show, Dungeons & Drag Queens, these all-new adventures will serve role-playing realness with equal parts death drops and death saves.

With Dungeon Master Matt Baume, we join our intrepid Queens as they slay in more than one way. Queen’s Arson Nicki, Butylene O’Kipple, Fraya Love, Irene Dubois, Londyn Bradshaw, Bosco & Harlotte O’Scara provide the perfect mix of D&D escapism with Drag scene comedy. One of the most heart-warming and eye wateringly funny D&D podcasts that is out there. Though currently on a hiatus due to the Covid-19 Pandemic there is plenty of adventuring to catch up on. If you still need convincing (as if Dungeons and Drag Queens wasn’t enough for you) they have provided a super helpful page on their site for jumping on points. There is also a secondary podcast called Queens of Adventure: Legends filled with one shots and other additions to their fabulous world.


Check out all current episodes of Queens of Adventure on Podcast

Black Dice Society

The Black Dice Society is an official Dungeons & Dragons stream set in the horror setting of Ravenloft. The Domains of Dread call out to six souls as they struggle to survive their journeys through the Mists. But behind it all, Darklords plot and scheme their own escape… even if it means our heroes doom.

The newest series of the list but with only 10 episodes under it’s belt so far, it’s definitely made an impact. Set in the infamous location of Ravenloft, the adventurers guided by legendary DM B. Dave Walters must do their best to survive the horrors that await them. Featuring parts from the recently released sourcebook Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft, the series serves as an incredible starting point for any players or DM’s that want a taste of horror in D&D 5e.

You can catch brand new episodes of The Black Dice Society on Dungeons and Dragons Official Youtube or on Podcast

What Dungeons and Dragons shows do you watch? Are there any that didn’t feature that you will not stand for their lack of inclusion? Let us know in the comments below.

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