Top 5 Moments From The New ‘Eternals’ Trailer

With November fast on the approach Marvel have released the final trailer for the upcoming blockbuster ‘Eternals’. With this latest offering from Marvel Studios we get our best look yet at what to expect from this unknown corner of the MCU. So let’s take a dive into the Top 5 moments from the latest trailer.

1. The Deviants

Kro having a chinwag with Thena (Marvel’s Eternals)

We get our best look yet at the villains that The Eternals will be facing; The Deviants. Created by Jack Kirby in 1976, the Deviants are mutated from ape-men by the Celestials and have long been the enemies of our heroes The Eternals. In the original comics the Deviants are random mutations on early humanity from Gammenon and Ziran, two of the Celestials. In the trailer we finally get a glimpse at what to expect.

The majority of the Deviants in the trailer are monstrous and wild, giving the Eternals a truly epic looking fight as they emerge from the ocean. Whereas we do get a glimpse at one humanoid looking Deviant, the films villain Kro. Kro is a warlord truly evil Deviant whose powers include Shape Shifting, superhuman physical abilities and immortality.

2. The Powers of The Eternals

Ikkaris fires energy blasts at a Deviant (Marvel’s Eternals)

From Thena’s energy weaponry to Makkari’s super speed, we got our best looks yet at what to expect from our heroes. Each of The Eternals is special in their own way, other than obviously being around for 7000 years and still looking incredibly fresh. The Eternal who’s powers we see the most are Richard Madden’s Ikkaris, who can shoot energy blasts from his eyes.

We also are given a fascinating look at our Salma Hayek’s character Ajak’s powers might work. She has the ability to communicate with the Celestial’s as well as healing powers. We witness her in some form of ritual circle whilst an orb makes it’s way inside her neck before her eyes flash with power.

3. Chloe Zhao & Ben Davis’ Cinematography

(Marvels Eternals)

One criticism that seems to crop up time and time again with regards to modern superhero films is the reliance on green-screen. Whilst sometimes it’s valid, there are many films that it’s necessary to shoot on. You can’t exactly go on location in Asgard, Atlantis or Knowhere, can you? That being said The Eternals is clearly doing something very different here. Academy Award winning Director Chloe Zhao is famous for her natural style lighting in her beautifully shot films. Zhao has said that with this film she wanted to film as much as she could on location and it pays off.

The opening shots of the trailer showing Ajak’s ranch and the shot is incredibly beautiful. The film looks stunning and it very much looks like nothing that has been done before with the MCU. Coupling her style with Marvel Cinematography veteran Ben Davis, who previously worked on Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange & Guardians of the Galaxy, you have a real recipe for success.

4. The Black Knight

Dane Whitman and Sersi (Marvel’s Eternals)

Ok, so we don’t actually see The Black Knight, but we do see his alter ego Dane Whitman a lot more in this trailer. Played by Kit Harrington, Dane Whitman seems to be the modern day love interest of Gemma Chan’s Sersi. Whitman is asking the questions that just about every fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been asking since we found out the Eternals have been around for 7000 years; Why didn’t they help?

Whilst we may not be getting him in his full Black Knight suit it’s likely that we will have him find the Ebony Blade that gives him his power and then set up as a future hero. We also get to see the MCU return once again to the shores of the UK, with London’s Camden Town featuring during the scenes with Whitman. Sersi saving both him and Lia McHugh’s Sprite from an incoming flying Routemaster bus. My only hope is the driver and passengers were gone before she turned it into petals.

5. Where have The Eternals been?

(Marvel’s Eternals)

The trailer opens with Ajak and Ikkaris discussing the events of the Snap that had happened five years prior and how the Avengers had brought everybody back. We also have Dane Whitman asking Sersi why the Eternals didn’t help to fight Thanos or previous wars and terrible events throughout history. A question that is answered simply with ‘We were instructed not to interfere unless Deviants were involved’, to which Whitman responds with ‘by who?.’ It’s there that we are greeted with the massive image of an all powerful Celestial. So we have our answer, the Eternals may have wanted to help but simply were not allowed to. To further bring this message home we are greeted with images of the burning of Babylon and what is more than likely the mushroom cloud of an atomic bomb. Terrible things have happened before the snap and the Eternals have just had to stand aside and let them happen.

What’s most interesting is the almost biblical 7 day warning that Ajak has given to Ikkaris that the Eternals have to save the world from ‘The Emergence’ which is occurring during to the energy from bringing everybody back. The Eternals who for 7000 years have lived among us and fell in love with our world, will finally break their rule to save us. That means that whatever ‘The Emergence’ is, it’s big.

Honourable Mention – THE CELESTIALS

I mean honestly, how can you not mention the Celestials. The big beings lurking in the background of everything the Eternals say and do. Whilst we’ve seen Celestials before in the MCU, in Guardians of the Galaxy in the flashback of the power stone and also Knowhere being a giant dead Celestial head, the Eternals is putting them front and centre. Visually they are an absolute feast for the eyes, it’s truly Jack Kirby’s comic creations coming to life on the big screen. Whilst we may not know exactly which Celestials are featured it’s safe to assume that we’re going to get Arishem from the big looming look we get at them in the trailer.

Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’ opens in cinemas 28th October (UK) / 5th November.

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