Top 5 Questions Raised By ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Season 1

‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ has wrapped up its first season and told a satisfying story. Going into the season there was one big question – Who is Omega?. There was a lot of speculation about this new young female character and what she could add to the Star Wars universe but the creators of the show didn’t leave us dangling and gave us the answers pretty quickly. We also got a handful of big Star Wars questions answered as well like – How did the Empire take over so quickly?, What happened to all the clones?, and What was the final fate of Kamino?. But, being Star Wars, nothing was tied neatly in a bow. Here are our Top 5 questions we would like to see followed up in Season 2.

5. What next for Crosshair?

Crosshair was positioned as the main antagonist of the series but had the sympathy of his former team mates as they believed he was under the control of the inhibitor chip. During the two part finale it is revealed that he had his chip removed some time ago (exactly when is unclear) and all his decisions are his own. In the last moments of the season he rejects Hunter’s offer to rejoin Clone Force 99 and chooses stay with the Empire even though he knows they had just tried to kill him. Where does he go from here? He sees himself as a good soldier who follows orders but the Empire has no use for clones anymore and is unlikely to welcome him back with open arms. He has also turned down the chance to work with his brothers again. Is he going to carry on hunting the team to try and get back in the Empire’s good books or is he going to find his own place in the galaxy?.

4. Is Fennec Shand’s contract still active?

It looked like Fennec Shand was hunting Omega to return her to the Empire but it was revealed her contract was with Nala Se and the mission was to keep Omega safe. Nala Se is now a prisoner of the Empire but has she kept the contract open? If Fennec is still working for Nala Se this could lead to a couple of things. She might see team as a threat and try and take them out or she could hook up with them to keep Omega safe.

3. What are the Empire’s big plans for Nala Se?

The season ended with Nala Se being taken to an Imperial facility built into the side of a mountain that has since been revealed to be Mount Tantiss, one of Palpatine’s storehouses from the original ‘Thrawn’ trilogy of books. In the books this is the location where Thrawn grew his new clone army and in the show Nala Se is greeted by a scientist wearing a cloners uniform. Admiral Rampart had said he need Nala Se for her skills so is she going to be building a new army for Thrawn, which doesn’t fit with the new Star Wars timeline, or is this the origin of the attempts to clone the Emperor. And the big question is will this all tie into ‘The Mandalorian’, the reason that Grogu is being hunted, and the creation of Snoke.

2. What is Rex up to?

Rex’s last appearance in the season is in the 14th episode as a hologram. He wants the team to rescue a clone as he is too busy to do it himself. In the hologram he appears rushed as though he is in the middle of a mission. Is Rex just rescuing clones or is he working on something bigger? Could it be that Rex is working on starting the rebellion against the new Empire? And if he is how does he end up on that walker in ‘Rebels’?.

1. What does Boba know?

The big reveal of the season was that Omega is technically the sister of Boba Fett with both of them being pure genetic clones of Jango. It doesn’t seem to be hidden information as Tech looks it up on his data pad which asks the question – Does Boba know? There is now a ticking clock until he arrives on the show – you half expected him to turn up and save the day in the season finale. Having a secret sister is a Star Wars trope and as Boba is now back at the forefront of Star Wars storytelling only time will tell what he knows and the impact that information will have.

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