Top 5 Things From The Thor: Love And Thunder Teaser That Struck Us Like A Bolt Of Lightning


So, after breaking Spider-Man: No Way Home’s dubious record of a noticable lack of distance between a trailer release and the cinematic bow, we finally have the teaser trailer for Thor: Love And Thunder and set to the orgasmic strains of Guns And Roses’ “Sweet Child Of Mine”, it thankfully has turned out to be well worth the wait.
There’s a crazy amount of stuff to unpack here and virtually none of the A-plot of a vengeful creature stalking the stars in order to gleefully murder deitys is present at all.
So just what has Taika Watiti given us? Well, he certainly seems to have made good on his promise to go even crazier than Thor: Ragnarok and deal out a spaced-out fantasy of god-sized proportions and apart from some much needed catching up time on some beloved characters, we get some tantalising views of what life for Thor after Endgame looks like.


5) Norse Correction

So like I said, those desperate to know where Asgard’s most-friendly have been spending their time will be stoked to get some sort of update with fan favorite Kronan, Korg seemingly tagging along with a more up-beat God of Thunder during his journeys both internal and external; elsewhere we find Tessa Thompson’s King Valkyrie obviously looking bored with her role of ruling New Asgard back on Earth as she presumably longs for the days of high adventure and flagrant alcoholism.
We also get some flashbacks of Thor’s younger days (featuring a comics accurate costume a la Classic Loki from the Loki Disney+ series) which may – or may not – tie into some of the wacky time travel exploits seen in the Jason Aaron arc that the film is drawing from. We also get quite a few costume changes from Thor (the big diva) with a Ravager look, a more Viking ensemble and a garish set of armour straight out of Walter Simonson’s seminal run. While there seems to be no confirmation on the whereabouts of Sif (Jamie Alexander is in the cast) or chattering space bug Miek, we do get the lowdown of The Guardians Of The Galaxy (sans the variant Gamora) and a certain ex-beau of the Odinson’s – but more on them later…


4) It’s All Greek To Me…

Opening up the worlds of the gods even further (Moon Knight just got in there first with its unhinged Konshu and the rest of the bickering Egyptian gods), we’re finally going to visit the Gods of ancient Greese with Olympus and Russell Crowe’s lightning flinging Zeus being heavily teased. No word yet on whether Hercules will appear, but if anyone can match Thor for bluster and unrestrained ego, a cameo of the incredible Herc has the potential to be heavenly. However, considering the targets the villain of Thor: Love And Thunder likes to choose, maybe it’ll be more a case of Olympus has fallen as the ramifications of Gorr’s work should give the movie the emotional heft that Watiti likes to wield.


3) Where There’s A Quill, There’s A Way…

Seemingly having come out the other end of his Endgame enforced depression, we are blessed to witness Thor’s regime as he tireless regains his old, rippling figure of old (his cap reads “Strongest Avenger”, by the way). However, despite being at odds for the duration of Infinity War and the end of Endgame, it seems that Peter Quill has adorably taken on the mantle of Thor’s sponsor as he tries to find his path while hanging out with the Guardians Of The Galaxy. While we have no idea exactly how much of the movie the Guardians actually appear, it does seem clear that at some point Thor leaves them to find his own path which seems to be one of non-violent exploration as he travels the universe in a zen haze. Amusingly, Thor seems to have formed something of a man-crush on Starlord due to that far away look in his eyes as Peter gives him a supportive pep-talk, but considering that the final appearance of this current iteration of the Guardians is due next year, maybe we all should be looking at these a-holes like that.


2) Gorr Blimey

While Christian Bale’s big bad, Gorr The God Butcher is a no-show in the teaser, his handy work is more than evident by a shot ripped right from out of the pages of Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic’s magnificent God Butcher arc as Thor and Korg gaze upon the ruined corpse of Falligar the Behemoth.
While toy leaks have revealed that Gorr won’t retain his noseless, tentacled look, fingers are crossed that the actor gets to go full cosmic Patrick Bateman as he mauls his way through any being who is worshiped. Whether this means he just stops at murdering gods with his symbiote Necrosword, or he goes on to take out the believers as well is unclear, but we do see a village in flames at one point – which leads us to…


1) New Thor, Who Dis?

Here she is. Natalie Portman’s return as Jane Foster reborn as The Mighty Thor as she wields a reforged Mjolnir with noticably bulging arms.
So much is unclear at this point, is Foster due to replace the Odinson for good in the MCU? Who reforged Thor’s hammer? Will she retain the cancer storyline from the comics (transforming into Thor cancels out her chemo, thus slowly killing her)? Will she rekindle her romance with her ex? Is Thor even going to be ok with someone else carrying his mantle?
What we do know is that Portman looks incredibly accurate to her comics counterpart (also from Aaron’s run) and the Odinson is going to need all the hammers he can muster if he and his friends can hope to put a stop to Gorr’s anti-god rampage.

Thor: Love And Thunder is due to be released on July 8th and I’d you’ve spotted something we missed, don’t be shy and give us a shout.

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