Top 5 Candidates For Who Could Be Mon Mothma’s Mystery Rebel In ‘Andor’


The fourth episode of ‘Andor’ quietly throws out the series first big water cooler moment.   We meet Genevieve O’Reilly’s Mon Mothma for the first time as she visits Stellan Skarsgård’s antiques dealing Rebel leader Luthen Rael. Under the cover of buying her husband a present she mentions that there is someone that she wants to bring into the inner circle of the Rebellion. Luthen is against the idea but Mon seems desperate for more help.

No indication is given to who this person could be. Saw Gerrera is mentioned elsewhere in the episode but he is highly unlikely due to his extremist views. It could be someone completely new, maybe it is an Imperial mole, but most likely this a good opportunity develop a Rebel leader-to-be that we have already been introduced to. We might know this person’s story from extended material but now could be the time to tell it to a wider audience.

Here are our top five candidates for who might be joining the Rebellion.

5. Princess Leia

Mon Mothma already has an established mentor relationship with Leia in expanded material that would make the inclusion of the young Princess work storywise but it is real world factors that make her appearance unlikely.  The character, played by Vivien Lyra Blair, was just a major supporting player in ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ but this series is set around four after that.  With Blair being too young to reprise the role, and a digital aging up seeming highly unlikely, added to the fact the Kathleen Kennedy has said that Lucasfilm are sensitive to recasting legacy characters it is doubtful that we will be presented with a second actor’s portrayal of Leia mere weeks later.


4. Jan Dodonna

Dodonna has become the forgot face of the Rebellion.  First appearing in ‘A New Hope’, played by Alex McCrindle, Dodonna was presented as the leader of the Alliance.  He was the guy handing out the orders and the first character to say “May the Force be with you”.  Then he disappeared.

The character finally reappeared in ‘Rogue One’, now played by Ian McElhinney, alongside O’Reilly’s Mon Mothma. If Mothma is looking to add some military might to the Rebellion that she’s got cook then this is where Dodonna could enter the picture.


3. Admiral Raddus

The fan favourite Admiral is a character who wants to take the fight to the Empire.  In ‘Rogue One’ he is the one who acts while the other Rebel leaders are still debating.

The Mon Calamari and their fleet play an important role in the Rebellion by adding the heavy fire power and tactical leadership.  Like Dodonna, Raddus would give the Rebels the opportunity to punch back and fit well into the story that is being told.  Add to this that he is also a visually interesting character, Raddus would make a great addition to the show.


2. Ahsoka

If it happens, the addition of Ahsoka may feel more like corporate synergy, due to her show coming out next year, rather than natural storytelling.  This is the kind of thing that Tony Gilroy is trying to avoid when he says there in no fan service in the show

But there is precedent for this to happen in ‘Rebels’. In that show Ahsoka is working for Mothma as an agent codenamed Fulcrum.  We know from extended material that Cassian also used this codename so we could be seeing the beginning of this connection.


1. Bail Organa

Bail Organa, as played by Jimmy Smits, is always the go to answer when it comes to who might cameo in this era.  He is the face of the Rebellion. Not only does the character fit here but if done correctly it deepens the destruction of Alderaan in ‘A New Hope’.  It also helps the Smits has aged with the role and willing to return when asked.

You can argue that it doesn’t make sense as he would already be involved with the Rebellion but, and the same goes for Ahsoka, this could easily be written around.  Just because he knows Mothma and is a Rebel it doesn’t mean he is also working with Luthen. This is a time of different Rebel cells and the Alliance has yet to be formed.

Who do you think it will be? Is it an old face or will it be someone new? Comment below.

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