Top 5 ‘Halloween’ Films As Rated On IMDb


This month see the release of the “final” film in the ‘Halloween’ franchise. ‘Halloween Ends’ promises to conclude the 44 year battle between babysitter turned survivalist granny, Laurie Strode, and her persistent stalker, Michael Myers.

The franchise has been through many changes over the years, including multiple reboots plus a remake and even an attempt to turn it into an anthology, but its popularity has endured. Here are top five ‘Halloween’ films according to the IMDb ratings.

5. Halloween H20 (1998) 5.8/10 from 74,805 ratings


4. Halloween (2007) 6/10 from 121,071 ratings


3. Halloween II (1981) 6.5/10 from 90,426 ratings


2. Halloween (2018) 6.5/10 from 149,813 ratings


1. Halloween (1978) – 7.7/10 from 273,032 ratings

‘Halloween Ends’ is released on 14th October.

What’s your favourite Halloween? Comment below.

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