Marvel Studios Push Back Multiple Films


Following the news of ‘Blade’ being delayed Marvel Studios has now pushed back a number of release dates.

Here are the new changes made in the Marvel Studios’ Phase V & Phase VI slate –

‘Blade’ will now release on 6th September, 2024 (delayed ten months).

‘Deadpool 3’ will now release on 8th November, 2024 (delayed two months).

‘Fantastic Four’ will now release on 14th February, 2025 (delayed three months).

Untitled Marvel film will now release 9th November, 2025 (delayed nine months).

‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ will now release on 1st May, 2026 (delayed six months).

‘Blade’ understandably has the biggest delay as they are rumoured to be starting from scratch on the film but this could also be why news has been slow on the other films. Marvel have numerous unannounced projects in the works so it’s possible other films could be moved up to fill any gaps created in the schedule.

Source: Disney

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