The Silver Surfer To Be Introduced In A Marvel ‘Special Presentation’?


Following the success of ‘Werewolf By Night’, it looks like Marvel Studios are going all in on using the ‘Special Presentation’ format as a way of introducing new characters and concepts.

The Cosmic Circus are reporting that the studios are in the early stages of planning to introduce the Silver Surfer, the Herald of Galactus, this way. The special could be used the set up 2025’s ‘Fantastic Four’ film, although the team would not appear.

They indicate the episode would focus on “Norrin Radd as Galactus’ Herald out in the far corners of the cosmos. Radd will not be on Earth during his special presentation and will also not interact with any cosmic characters already established in the MCU.”

No release date is mentioned but the special would have to drop before the 14th February 2025 debut of ‘Fantastic Four’.

Source: The Cosmic Circus

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