Three New Star Wars Films Announced


Star Wars Celebration Europe delivered on the rumours of multiple films being announced. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy revealed three new films during the Lucasfilm Showcase that will be directed by James Mangold, Dave Filoni and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. She also debuted a new Star Wars timeline that covered nine separate eras – Dawn of the Jedi, The Old Republic, The High Republic, Fall of the Jedi, Rise of the Empire Age of Rebellion, The New Republic, Rise of the First Order, New Jedi Order.

James Mangold’s film will be the earliest film on the timeline, exploring the history of the first Jedi to use the force. The story will be set 25,000 in the past in the Dawn of the Jedi ear.

The Filoni film will be a ‘cinematic event’ set in the New Republic era. It will bring together elements from all of the Favreau and Filoni shows and focus on “an escalating war between the Imperial remnant and the New Republic”.

SharmeenObaid-Chinoy’s film will pick up fifteen years after ‘Rise of Skywalker’ with Daisy Ridley returning as Rey. Set during the New Jedi Order era, Rey will be rebuilding the Order and defending it from new threats.

Lucasfilm has a December 2025 date pencilled in for the release of the next Star Wars film but no dates were set during the panel.

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