Future State: Nightwing #1 (March 2021)

Once Upon A Night In Gotham

Writer: Andrew Constant, Art: Nicola Scott, Colours: Ivan Plascencia

Batman is gone! Now, Nightwing has taken on the mission of keeping the citizens of Gotham City safe from the Magistrate. But to do that, he’ll have stay one step ahead of the Magistrate! And you know things have gotten bad in Gotham when the safest place for Dick to hide out is the abandoned Arkham Asylum! When Nightwing gets a visit from a mask claiming to be the new Batman…does he fight like one? Pick up this dark peek into the future by writer Andrew Constant and artist Nicola Scott to find out!

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This is how you do a future story.  There is no need to make drastic changes to a character.  They don’t need to have lost an eye or become a killer.  Fans read books for th character, not a superhero name or costume.  This story story works because Andrew Constant writes Dick as Dick.

In the Gotham of ‘Future State’ Batman is thought to be dead and masked vigilantes are outlaws being hunted by the Magistrate.  Someone needed to step up and lead the heroes and of course it would be Nightwing.  It is no surprise that he is doing this and sometimes you don’t need surprises.

Dick Grayson has become public enemy number one in the city but he is one step ahead of the hunters, so much so that Peacekeeper 01 has put a kill order on his head and sent the Magistrate’s Special Group after him.  After a three phased trap they managed to shoot a tracker into him.

The ruins of Arkham Asylum are now Nightwing’s base of operations. It is from here that he is coordinating the surviving heroes.  Batgirl mentions that there are sightings of a new Batman working in Gotham and Dick is aware of this.  He says that there is only one Batman which raises the question of whether he knows that Bruce is still alive.  Batman’s legacy is what’s most important to him and inspires him but he is becoming tired.

It doesn’t take long for the new Batman to arrive on the scene and Dick, as you would expect, quickly takes him down.  Refreshingly, there is no animosity between the two and they respect each others privacy.  The new Batman is there to ask to help.  The Magistrate is torturing innocents to get information on him and a little girl who he rescued has now gone missing and he fears the worst. He wants to join Nightwing’s resistance to help put an end to the Magistrate’s control.

It’s at this moment that the intruder alarm sounds.  The Magistrate have tracked Nightwing down.  The new Batman wants to know how and Nightwing reveals that he knew he had be shot with a tracker and has turned the tables on them. He is ready to start a war and Arkham will be the battleground.

A fun issues with great Nicola Scott art. Sets up ‘Home Alone’ in Arkham.


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