Daisy Ridley Gets Her ‘Die Hard’


Daisy Ridley has signed onto actioner ‘Cleaner’ from director Martin Campbell.

The film will see Ridley play ex-soldier Joey Locke who is a window cleaner on London’s tallest building – The Shard. Radical activists take over an energy company’s annual gala taking place in the build and take 300 hostages to expose the corruption of the hosts, but things fall apart when a zealous extremist within their ranks hijacks their plans – a person ready to murder everyone in the building to send the world a message. It is down to Ridley’s Locke to save the day but the problem is she is on the outside of the building, 90 floors above the ground.

Cleaner is a nail-biting thriller, unique and original in both its characters and its setting. Much of the film takes place on the side of the Shard – hundreds of feet up in the air – and I want the audience to be up there with Joey in a stomach churning, vertiginous experience. There isn’t a more instinctive and powerful actress than Daisy right now to help us do just that. The majority of my movies have been thrillers and Cleaner is one of the best I’ve ever read.

Martin Campbell

The film is to shoot this summer and is being produced by Sebastien Raybaud and Callum Grant.

It has always been the intention to make European action-thrillers that are sophisticated, provocative, and fun at the same time. Independent films from our region with heart and identity, but which also provide a unique and accessible proposition for contemporary audiences globally. With Martin and Daisy taking lead, and a script that is so unpredictable and authentic, we have everything we need do just that.

Sebastien Raybaud

It has not been revealed if the film will actually film at The Shard.

Source: Deadline

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