With a sigh of relief arguably louder than the one I gave The Force Awakens, it gives me great pleasure to report that The Merc With A Mouth’s torturous journey to the screen has borne glorious fruit.
Budget issues, ratings concerns and the little matter of X-Men Origins: Wolverine have conspired over the years to thwart film makers trying to bring crazy ol’ Wade Wilson to the screen “right”. But the impossible has happened.

It’s not that Deadpool has anything original to say in terms of plot, the story is pretty basic, verging on simplistic. No, it’s the sheer energy on display. Bouncing between origin story flashback and a present day frenetic gun fight, the devastating anarchic wit on display makes Kick-Ass seem positively prudish.
You see Deadpool is an insanely meta character (not to mention plain insane to boot) so while he’s skewering bad guys with his swords he’s also skewering comic book movie conventions while casually breaking the forth wall. Whether getting all excited when a character pulls off a “superhero landing” (“impractical but so cool”) or nitpicking his usage in previous X-movies (“McAvoy or Stewart?” is Deadpool’s cheeky response to a proposed meeting with Prof X), there is wicked fun in all the furious ribbing of time worn tropes. Impishly mischievous script and clean crisp direction aside, MVP of the hour is undoubtedly Ryan fuckin’ Reynolds. I’ve been championing this man for freakin’ AGES now and now that he FINALLY has gotten the whole superhero thing right (on his, what, 4th try?) is tremendously gratifying. He was straight-up born to this, furiously firing off quips and hollow-points at equal speed and accuracy.

There’s no doubt that some people will be put off by the monumental level of childishness (there’s enough dick jokes here to blow Kevin Smith out of his hockey shirt) but hey, guess what, that’s the character. As much as I like the X-Men franchise, this is by far the most comic accurate movie 20th Century Fox has released (both ‘Pool and Russian metal skinned Colossus are bang on in looks and personality) and while this isn’t always a guarantee of movie quality, you can’t help but wish Bryan Singer would instruct his costume designers to hue a little closer to the original looks.
This is an insanely fun movie which kicks off a huge year of comic book properties with a rousing start. A sequel has already been proposed (with time traveller Cable hinted at) and tracking points to the rather low budgeted movie making some decent coin which hopefully means that Netflix now won’t be the only place making superhero movies for an older market.

Crude, basic and hugely entertaining, do yourself a favor and catch this fun fest before all the OTHER heroes this year start fighting.


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